The Factor has learned charges have been filed against a Waller County attorney after a three week long investigation.

Waller County District Attorney  Elton Mathis says he filed reckless driving charges against Houston/Waller attorney Larkin Eakin. 

Mathis says Eakin is accused of leading local law enforcement officers on a pursuit along highway 290 back on July 1st.

Mathis says he also will file felony evading charges against the attorney.

Prosecutors say Eakin is expected to turn himself in by Friday. 

It was two weeks ago when we finest reported residents who live in Waller said Eakin should’ve been arrested the morning of the incident.

Instead  of investigators taking him to jail after the incident Eakin was transported  to a local hospital for a blood draw.

The Factor placed a call to Eakin’s office where no one answered. 

We’re hoping to get a response.

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  1. john thuman July 26, 2012 6:25 pm 

    I want to thank you and all other press organizations that have given focus to this situation. If I was chased down by DPS, Sheriff and a few other organizations I would not be going to the hospital for a blood draw. I would have been arrested. What magic words does an attorney know to keep from being arrested? If this is not preferential treatment then I asked the DA to make a public statement as to why it is not preferential treatment.

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