As a reporter I get calls all the time from people who have hired and attorney but their counselor won’t call them back. I asked the Texas State Bar how should people hand this situation and I was sent this plan of action. It focus on communication and a certified letter and then the state steps in and helps out:


following is information pulled from our website about the State Bar’s Client-Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP). CAAP’s mission is “to assist the public and attorneys in resolving disputes with Texas attorneys and facilitate and improve communications between clients and attorneys.”

CAAP helps thousands of people every year resolve problems with their lawyers, and offers services in English and Spanish. To reach CAAP and the grievance information hotline, people may call 800.932.1900.

Please click on the links at the end of this email for additional information, including the CAAP brochure, detailed information on the Dispute Resolution Process, and how to file a former grievance against an attorney.

The problem: “ My lawyer does not return phone calls.”

The options: CAAP asks what steps the client has already taken to resolve this issue. If leaving messages with the lawyer’s staff or voice mail has not prompted a reply, CAAP will usually suggest that the client write a letter to the attorney, send it by certified mail, and ask that the lawyer respond within a certain but reasonable time. If the lawyer does not respond, the client can provide a copy of their correspondence to CAAP and one of the staff attorneys will contact the lawyer on the client’s behalf and request that the lawyer contact to the client and respond to the client’s concerns.

The problem: “It’s been months and I want to know what is happening in my case.”

The options: CAAP would offer the same suggestions and options to this client as the client whose attorney does not return phone calls (see above). If telephone calls have not worked, the client is urged to write to the lawyer with their questions, ask for a reply within a certain but reasonable time, and send the letter by certified mailed. When the time period expires, CAAP will the contact the lawyer on the client’s behalf. Section=Client_Attorney_Assistance_Program_ CAAP_

Kim Davey

Public Information Director

State Bar of Texas