Marcus Fleming Goree after November 2011 arrest


It was last November when Houstonian Marcus Goree found himself at the center of intense media scrutiny and in trouble with the law.

According to investigators he was stopped for suspicion of drinking and driving.

But the situation only escalated from there when prosecutors say Goree refused to get out of his vehicle.

The SWAT team was eventually called out for an intense scene where deputies say Goree reached under the seat as if he was getting a weapon.

When all was said and done Goree was taken into custody after police knocked out his window and caught him after a short foot chase.

But the problems mounted. Investigators say Goree had a uniform for a Fort Bend County deputy sheriff in his vehicle and was no longer with the department.

He was charged with impersonating an officer of the law and driving while intoxicated.

A spokesperson with the Harris County District Attorney’s office says  Goree failed to show up for his court appearance in February on those charges.

A warrant was later issued for his arrest and that leads me to Facebook.

It’s where Goree posted a long note to his friends and family Monday night saying he would be turning himself in to face charges once he sent the email.

At last check reps from the District Attorney and the Harris County Sheriff’s offices said Goree had not turned himself in as of 12:25 pm Tuesday.

But if Goree means what he wrote in his Facebook message he could be on the right track to redemption:



Marcus Fleming Goree asks for forgiveness and prayers on Facebook

Marcus Goree writes:

To all my friends, family, and close business associates,

Most of you are aware of my past legal issues (DWI case), life’s stressors and bad choices. Heavy drinking has definitely turned me into a husband, dad, friend and business professional that I’m not proud to have been over the last few years. I’ve done things and behaved in ways I know God intended me not to.

Im certain that my actions have affected my relationship with each of you in some way shape or form. Personally and being unproductive on the business side due to my condition. I apologize for my actions. I’m so sorry for any harm that my poor choices have caused you. I know this one letter doesn’t fix anything but it was on my heart to say I’m sorry. I want to close this chapter of my life and began to be a better, stronger and sober person. Therefore, I will be turning myself in to the Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas shortly after sending this email.

If you wish to write me, send reading materials, credit my books, etc, my full name is Marcus Fleming Goree. But more than anything, please keep me and my family in your prayers. Thanks and God bless I will be back soon