Former Houston City Councilman Jarvis Johnson is hot on election day.

He’s currently in a runoff with fellow Democrat Erica Lee for the position 6 seat at the Harris County Department of Education. 

Johnson says he’s angry because with only one day notice his strongest voting location was moved. 

Johnson says he was told today that location St. Pius has been moved a mile away to Dominion Academy.

The political candidate says when his supporters get to the new location many will just turn around and go home. 

He says by noon on an election day like this at least 200 people would’ve voted at St. Pius.

Johnson says only 20 people have cast their ballots at Dominion.

He says this is another example of voters being disenfranchised by Harris County.

The Insite is placing calls to county election officials to get some answers.

Note: Waiting on return call from Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart with explanation.


  1. Stevo July 31, 2012 8:56 pm 

    Doesn’t h know how his own party works? The Democrats set this date last month! The location was set in June! Even if it was done “yesterday,” it was done by his own party! Maybe THEY don’t want him to win!

  2. Lisa August 1, 2012 12:14 am 

    Maybe the democrats don’t want home to win but disenfranchising voters to accomplish this goal is not the democratic way! Mr. Johnson was screwd out of a fair election durong the May 29 fiasco!

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