The HISD Board of Education is scheduled to decide Aug. 9 whether to seek approval of the $1.89 billion proposal from district voters during the Nov. 6 general election. If approved, design work of the new schools would begin in early 2013 and construction would start in 2014. 

While including millions of dollars in recommended projects that would benefit students at all 279 schools in the district, the proposed bond package focuses heavily — $1.36 billion — on the city’s high schools. HISD’s most recent bond programs approved by voters in 1998, 2002 and 2007 primarily addressed needs at the elementary school level.  The average age of HISD secondary schools now stands at 50 years, compared to 39 years for the district’s primary schools.

Many of these schools were designed to meet the needs of students more than half a century ago and are no longer able to accommodate the best instructional approaches for helping today’s students meet rising academic expectations, according to independent school facilities experts who recently assessed HISD schools.

Modern schools feature design elements that are shown to positively impact student achievement. Some of these elements include:

  • Greater classroom configuration flexibility to help teachers differentiate their approaches to meet the needs of each child
  • Classroom designs that encourage collaborative learning
  • Improved access to technology
  • Infrastructure for today’s career and technical education programs
  • Lab spaces that offer hands-on science learning

Provide new campuses for 20 high schools


  • Austin
  • Bellaire
  • Davis
  • DeBakey
  • Eastwood
  • Furr
  • High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
  • Jordan
  • Lamar
  • Lee
  • Madison
  • Milby
  • North Early College
  • Sam Houston
  • Sharpstown
  • South Early College
  • Sterling
  • Washington
  • Worthing
  • Yates



Partially replace 4 high schools


  • Waltrip
  • Young Men’s College Prep Academy
  • Westbury
  • Young Women’s College Prep Academy

Renovate 4 high schools


  • Jones
  • Kashmere
  • Scarborough

·         Sharpstown International