HPD Officers sleep on the clock!

A Houstonian was disturbed by this image she snapped.  It’s two Houston police officers asleep in their patrol car.  We sent this photo to officials at the Houston police department. Jodi Silva says they expect officers to use sound judgement and conduct themselves with professionalism while on the job.  In other words, Silva says they’re not suppose to be sleeping while at work.  She says they will try to identify the officers and figure out why they were sleep in their patrol unit!

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  1. Justin Kennedy August 4, 2012 8:14 pm 

    ‘HPD Officers sleep on the clock!”

    How do you know? Did you veify they were on duty? Did you think to check if they were between assignments? Did you check to see if they were held over their shift against their will? Or did you, like every other loser that does so, jump to cocnclusions to make yourself feel better about the fact that none of you have the guts or honor to serve as an officer. Yes I am biased, I’m a Houston Police Officer. I spent many mornings trying to keep my eyes open as I was trying to finish all the paperwork we have to finish after we spent our nights keeping people like you safe as you slept peacefully with your families. I spent many days trying to stay awake as we waited all night and into the next day for that shipment of cocaine or kidnapped immigrants to emerge so we could intervene. I spent many nights chasing down leads and arresting the very criminals that violate your lives and haunt your dreams. So, the next time any of you glee at the thought of shaming Houston’s finest, look yourself in the mirror and ask if you have the guts or honor to do what we do. Especially since we know that none of you will support us unless it was you that was the victim or if it is you that will benefit from doing so.

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