This is an email for Elaine Palmer.  She is running for Civil Court Judge in Harris County.  She says it’s time for Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart to resign.  Here’s what she sent out:

Stan Stanart Harris County Clerk

Unless something changes, I am facing two opponents in November.
One is Ken Shortreed.  His name is on the ballot.
The other is Shortreed’s ally Stan Stanart.  His name is not on the ballot, but he is the County Clerk and in charge of the election process. Stanart is under fire for his Primary mistakes (Chronicle Editorial). Stanart is also under fire from members of his own party for not running a fair and transparent process. It has been alleged that during the primary Stanart would regularly release Absentee and Early Vote results to the Anderson and Guthrie campaigns. If that is true, just imagine what he would do in November.
Stanart has also been accused of changing polling locations and consolidating them county wide to benefit his preferred candidates and friends. Imagine polling locations done the same way in November and the detrimental effect it would have on races.
We have seen two instances of candidates going to sleep winners only to wake up to a different story. Donna Detamore, a Republican, and Zerick Guinn, a Democrat, both won on Election night only to have votes appear out of thin air for their opponents and push them across the finish line. Stan Stanart must go! 
As we approach November, we must be aggressive and demand that Stan Stanart resign his post. If we don’t, Stanart and his allies will steal this election from us. What do you get when you add King Street Patriots to the mix? Florida 2000 all over again.
I am asking that you call your County Commissioner and voice your displeasure with Stanart. Tell them that you want a change before November 6, 2012. Tell them you want the Elections Division taken away from Stanart. 
County Judge Ed Emmett – 713-755-4000
County Commissioner El Franco Lee – 713-755-6111
County Commissioner Jack Morman – 713-755-6220
County Commissioner Steve Radack – 713-755-6306
County Commissioner Jack “Cactus” Cagle- 713-755-6444 
Stanart Responds: I had a chance to speak with Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart and he says he’s not resigning.  He says what Palmer claims in her mailer to supporters is totally false.  He says there is a misunderstanding how things work in the election process.  Stanart says, “there are so many inaccuracies in her letter.”  Stanart went on to say the email Palmer sent out is totally politically motivated.  He says the poll locations weren’t changed by his office but by the individual parties.  But bottom line the county clerk says he’s not resigning!