Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart is not taking it lying down!

It was earlier this week when Democrat candidate for Harris County Civil Court Judge Elaine Palmer asked Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart to resign.

She called him biased and blamed him for the foul ups in our most recent election in Harris County.

Stanart is now firing back.

He sent the Insite an email telling Palmer she’s totally out of the loop.

Here’s that email response:

Dear Ms. Palmer,

I have been provided a copy of your inaccurate and inflammatory e-mail. Before you travel too far down the road, I would like to educate you on the election process before you continue to embarrass yourself and your supporters.

Harris County Elections Are Open, Fair and Honest.  As Chief Elections Officer for Harris County, it is my duty to conduct a fair, open and honest election.  That is exactly what I am doing and have been doing ever since I was sworn into office.  It is incorrect and disingenuous to claim that I or anyone in my office is benefitting one candidate over another.  Such claims are offensive and baseless.

Everyone Has Access to Early Voting Numbers.  Apparently, you or your campaign manager has failed to realize that at the end of each day of early voting, the number of voters who appeared at each early voting polling location is posted on the Harris County Clerk’s Election website,  EVERYONE who has access to the internet can get the same results.  If you submit your e-mail address, this list can also be sent to you on a daily basis via e-mail. The number of votes garnered by each candidate is not counted until the end of Election Day.

Everyone Has Access to Absentee Ballot Numbers.  Every absentee ballot application has a designation as to which source generated the blank application, a campaign, a party, the Secretary of State website, etc.  When the application is received by the Elections Division, the source information is captured.  As the ballots are returned, the number of ballots from individual sources is recorded.  ANYONE may request this information which is updated daily.

Parties Select Polling Locations in the Primaries.  In order to have a candidate on the ballot in November, a party must select one candidate to represent the party on the ballot.  The Democratic Party and Republican Party hold primary elections to determine who shall go on the ballot in November.  The primaries and the runoff elections are conducted by the parties.  The PARTIES decide how many polling locations there will be, where they will be located and who will work the polls.  Any changing or consolidation of polling locations during the primary was an action taken by either the Democratic or Republican party, not the Clerk’s Office.

The Harris County Elections Division works hard to keep polling locations at the same location to reduce voter confusion.  The November election will be no different.  However, it is important to recognize that the boundary lines for voting precincts changed this year.  Consequently, polling locations may have to be changed to be in compliance with Texas law.  Additionally, polling locations are subject to change due to construction, remodeling, unavailability, dilapidation, change in ownership, etc.  It is our primary goal to keep polling locations as consistent as possible.

Voters Are Responsible for Close Races.  It is absurd to accuse the County Clerk’s Office of misdeeds in regards to the close race of Donna Detamore and Zerick Guinn.  The vote in both races was extremely close; this was the result of the VOTERS of Harris County voicing their opinion.

Admittedly, Harris County mistakenly posted inaccurate results on the web for a few hours on the evening of July 31st well before all the polls had reported into Central Count.   The mistake was realized and corrected before the final report of the unofficial results for election night.  In addition, please be aware that every report posted was approved to be posted by the Democratic Party appointed Central Count Judge or the Republican Party appointed Central Count Judge for their respective parties’ report.

Voters Are Responsible for Victory or Defeat in November. The voters will determine who wins each race in November.  I consider it an assault on me, my office and the dedicated Election Division employees to wrongfully accuse me of preventing voters from making the final determination.

Transparency. If you are interested in viewing the activities of the Elections Division, you are welcome to contact my office to determine when the activities will take place.  You are also welcome to avail yourself of the multitude of reports that are made available daily.  Our website has a wealth of information about elections in Harris County.  I highly recommend that you take advantage of this educational opportunity.  Please contact my office if you have any questions.

Serving as a District Judge, one is required to hear both sides of the story, to not deal in rumors, but to seek the truth.  I encourage you to exercise judicial restraint in the future and seek out the facts before recklessly spreading so many falsehoods.


Stan Stanart
Harris County Clerk – Recording the Major Events of Your Life