It’s a tragic case that began in Louisiana two years ago.

New Roads attorney Tony Claytin says it started when an ambulance driver on his way to the hospital reached down to pick up his GPS.

That gesture would change the course of history for that medical worker and a 22 year old expectant mother in the back of his ambulance.

Clayton, who represents Whitley Lacey, says she was 7 months pregnant when she was being transported to the hospital by Acadian Ambulance service.

That’s when the driver for the Louisiana based company took his eyes off the road.

The medical transport then slammed into the back of a sugar cane truck.

Lacey was left unconscious while her unborn child had to be delivered by cesarean section.

Two years later Lacey has been left partially paralyzed.

She can barely speak and has the use of only one arm according to her attorneys.

Her child also survived the horrific crash.

The driver of the ambulance was charged with carless driving.

In the meantime, Louisiana based attorney Tony Clayton stepped in taking Lacey’s case before a civil jury.


Attorney Tony Clayton

The Iberville Parish panel found in favor of the young mother.

Lacey was awarded $117 million dollars for her damages.

But Clayton says the case is far from over.

Officials with Acadian Ambulance say they may file an appeal to the judgement.

Allyson Pharr, a vice president with Acadian, issued this statement: “This was a horrible tragedy and our hearts and prayers remain with Lacey and her family.”

While Lacey waits on the appeals process to crawl its way through the courts her attorney says she will require care for the rest of her life.

Clayton says the young woman whose life was changed forever on that road two years ago in Iberville Parish will never be the same.

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