The Factor and Fox 26 news have learned a worker whose job it was to supervise juvenile detainees has been fired for having sex with one.

Officials with the Harris County Juvenile Justice department say they have terminated Robert Robinson.

Tom Brooks with the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department says his workers found evidence Robinson had an inappropriate relationship with a female juvenile detainee.

Our sources say that evidence was Robinson’s diary or journal which reportedly contained claims of alleged sexual encounters with the juvenile and other female coworkers.

Robinson, who was a juvenile supervision officer, has been with the agency since 2006.

Brooks says they have conducted an internal investigation and turned their evidence over to the Houston Police Department for a criminal probe.

The young female detainee has since been removed from the facility for unrleated reasons.

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  1. AISHA Williams August 16, 2012 7:41 am 

    This is crazy but the sad part is that this is not the first time an will not be the last. I was a detention officer from 2008-2011 and i have been and experienced ans witnessed many things. Working there is like going to high school but worst. I hated my job but not because of the children but the staff. I didnt feel safe sometimes because i had to worry about female that hated me cause cause i am pretty. Married supervisors\male detention officers sleeping with female detention officers for money exchange. There are many things that took place3 in that very building and not a good experience. Alot of things were sweep under the rug. I would love to do a interview. I was also in the building during the discovery of the gun that was brought in by the male resident

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