The good news is no one was injured.  The bad news is the man who died by violence had his funeral services marred by gunfire  over the weekend. 

30 year old Robert Deshon  Baptiste was being laid to rest Saturday afternoon at Gloryland Baptist Church when chaos ensued. image

Witnesses say that’s when a gray car containing several suspects passed by the church filled with people began shooting.

No one was hit but activist Quanell X was angry. He was a speaker at the funeral. He says he and family members warned the Houston Police Department there may be a gang related retaliation.

Baptiste died August 8th after a shooting on MLK in Houston. Because of the violence associated with his death and alleged gang affiliations HPD did have two marked units at the funeral. However, family members of Baptiste say one officer disappeared. 

Another officer related to Baptiste was also at the funeral. Investigators say N. Solomon fired at the suspects outside the church but they still got away leaving their car behind.

As I said in the beginning – the good news is no one was hurt!

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  1. PRAYGODLISTENS! August 20, 2012 10:50 am 

    The sad news is the young man lost his life and his soul wasnt ready to meet god! The disgusting new is Qaunell x is always trying to defend criminal wrong or right simply because they are black.This young man too was a murderer! Google it he was wanted for the very same thing that he caused on innocent families. This is far from gang related it about how reckless this young man lived and I trully hope amd pray that his family can find some type of relief just as the other families had to do. my suggestion is they find God and pray for comfort as the other families had to do.

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