Some new Houston Independent School District teachers are hot and asking where is there money.

Sources tell the Insite hundreds of new teachers attended what they’re calling an in service/orientation session at HISD last week. 
Some of those new instructors thought they we’re being paid for that week of training. But officials from HISD say the session was totally voluntary and no one will be paid.

Gayle Fallon, President of the Houston Federation of Teachers, is looking into the matter.

However, HISD spokesperson Denise Cantu says administrators were pretty clear that the newly hired employees would not be compensated. 

Cantu issued this statement:

In regards to your inquiry yesterday, the new teacher training is not mandatory and there are no consequences for teachers who chose not to attend. The flyer uses the terms “should” and “may register”, but not “must”, “shall” or “it is required or mandatory”. Many teachers came and left during the event without attending all sessions and some did not attend at all. The event is held every year for the convenience of new teachers to help assist them in transitioning into the district. There is no penalty if teachers choose not to attend.

D. Cantu