Former Houston City Councilman and Conservative talk show host Michael Berry is finding himself under fire on social media.

This time Berry has been the target of criticism on Facebook for a tweet he sent out.

Berry’s posts went up during First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night.

The radio talker tweeted Blacks are shooting each other up while Mrs. Obama is speaking at the convention.

He went on to hash tag his comment with the phrase ‘#knuckadeads’.

Here’s the controversy: In urban culture and in the entertainment field the term or use of the word ‘knucka’ or ‘nucka’ has been a substitute for nigga.

For example: What up my knucka.

However, Berry in a 22 minute long phone conversation with me said the term absolutely had no racial intent from his perspective.

He says the phrase was a play off what Mrs. Obama has said in the past when she referenced individuals who are hard headed….hence the term knucka head or knuckle head.

Berry says he used the term #knuckadead to show the Obama Administration’s lack of concern for the people who are dying from violence on the streets of Chicago.

The talk show host also says the public doesn’t have a problem with the First Lady saying the term and would never insinuate there would be a racial meaning.

Berry says he’s never heard the word used in the context to relay a racist term.

Despite Berry’s position on using the word some on Facebook have also said they believe the entire message was racially toxic.

Berry’s talk show airs locally and in various other broadcast markets Monday through Friday.