It was back in 2010 when Byron Schirmbeck took on a relentless campaign in Baytown.

He wanted to get rid of red light cameras.

A mission that was eventually achieved by the voters in the city.

Schirmbeck was seen as a catalyst in that effort.

He went out and collected signatures on a petition and held a one man protest with a sign saying ban red light cameras.

But according to a lawsuit filed by Schirmbeck’s attorney Randall Kallinen it was not an easy fight.


Randall Kallinen Attorney

He says Schirmbeck was retaliated against by city leaders.

Kallinen says the Baytown resident was threatened with criminal prosecution and fined for protesting with his anti-red light camera sign.

The lawsuit alleges Schirmbeck’s first amendment rights to freed of speech were impeded by the city with the threat of fines for protesting with that sign.


Schirmbeck’s case was filed Thursday in federal court.

The Insite is hoping to get a response from Baytown city officials.