The last thing most people think about during the dog days of summer is popcorn prices…but soon that may be the topic of discussion.

The heavy drought in the Midwest this year left corn fields and farmers struggling.

Ears were left very small causing a ripple effect on the popcorn industry.

National statistics show as a result of the dry spell popcorn prices rose from $20 per 50 pound bag to $30.

Irwin Daniels knows about that price spike.

He owns Poparazzi in Houston.

The gourmet popcorn shop boosts more than 200 different flavors of the snack.

Daniels says as a result of the drought he’s seen his supplier increase his prices.


He says the spike in his pocket has been from $24 to $31  per 50 pound bag.

Daniel  says that left him with no other choice but to raise his prices to customers at his Reliant Stadium area store.

But the businessman says he doesn’t anticipate increasing his prices again any time soon.

However, Daniels says he expects moviegoers may also see an increase at the cinema where popcorn is king.

Have you noticed an increase in the amount you pay for your popcorn?

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  1. L Booker September 9, 2012 6:51 pm 

    It is not as much as the drought that has caused corn prices to skyrocket, its the Federal Government’s mandate that we produce useless, and mileage inefficient, ethanol as an alternative fuel.
    Corn production for ethanol is one of the reasons many Mexican farmers have converted food crop acreage to corn. This has caused Mexico to become a huge importer of fruits and veggies as they no longer grow enough to feed their citizens.

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