I attempted to use an ATM in downtown Houston Friday night and realized just how much I would be losing for the convenience.  The automatic teller machine in a local hotel was charging $3.50 per transaction.  If I would’ve pre-planned and went to my bank’s ATM it would be free.  A national survey shows I shouldn’t be surprised.  It indicated Houston is in the top 5 cities for the highest ATM fee.

Here’s more from an article I found on the subject: Rising ATM fees have become as predictable as long lines at an Apple Store when a new iSomething is launched. In fact, the average ATM surcharge has risen every year but one since Bankrate conducted its first checking study in the waning years of the Clinton administration. This year was no exception. ATM patrons now pay an average of $2.33 to use an ATM, up from $2.22.