The Insite received this email Thursday night about the ongoing problem of the dead voter purge in Texas. This comes as a result of a law passed by the Texas legislature in 2011. It requires all Texas counties to periodically purge deceased individuals from the voting rolls. But many have become suspicious of the effort so close to a Presidential election in 2012. The law went on the books in Septemer of 2011. ¬†Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Don Sumners refused to move forward with the effort when he learned more than 300 of the 9,000 suspected dead voters were alive. However, the Texas Secretary of State’s Office is threatening Harris County and any other area that refuses to move forward with the effort. The latest to say the dead voter purge is a waste of time is an election official from Nacogdoches County. See the email below:

Debbie Gatson

I received a call from Debra Gaston, the Election Administrator of Nacogdoches County. She has been following our struggle with the SOS, and wanted call us and thank us for confronting the SOS on these issues. She said that her office received 800 names from the SOS, and after she reviewed them determined that three of the people on the list were deceased. Since it is a small county with only 30,000 registered voters, it is much easier for her to keep track of deaths and remove deceased voters from the registration list. She said many on of the people on the list she was sent are very much alive.

She said that the SOS is often very rude, does not respond to requests for advice and information, and often issues threats of loss of funding which she considers to be unjustified. She says that she supports what we are doing 100 per cent.