Sam Catalan – The Cell Phone King

Are you bored with the same old factory installed operating system on your cell phone?

If your answer is yes, you’re absolutely not alone.

There is a growing trend where people are actually tricking out or customizing their Android phones.

Even I have had my Samsung Galaxy Note customized to my liking.


He can upgrade your operating system and add 4g!

Sam Catalan is Houston’s King of cell phone customization.

He can take your boring Android and turn it into a technological machine.

Sam says he can add a custom rom that will enable your phone to operate faster with the look of your choosing.

He also says he will improve the GPS on your device which has been a downer for some Samsung users.

Catalan says he will upgrade your phone from edge or 3g to 4g speeds.

He says people aren’t aware of the power they have in their phones.

Sam says he’s seeing more people who want to unlock those capabilities.

The Houstonian specializes in Samsung Galaxy S phones but he’s also been able to root and unlock some of HTC’s phones.


The only phone he doesn’t trick out is theĀ  IPhone.

He says Apple lovers usually want to keep their phones in stock condition.

Catalan says Apple has several locks in place on the IPhone to avoid tricking it out.

If you’re interested in getting your phone customized be careful because some independent stores in Houston charge as much as $100.

Catalan says he keeps his guaranteed service affordable at $30.

If you want to chat with Sam about your phone: (281) 783-9376


  1. Andrew Alien September 26, 2012 10:39 am 

    No new news here. My brother secretly flashes roms while eating dinner at fancy restaurants and pretending to listen to his girlfriend.

  2. Markuzy October 1, 2012 6:06 am 

    Mobile Odin = ROM/Kernal flashing on the go
    Just download the file and flash it.

    • Sam Catalan November 9, 2012 12:07 am 

      mobile odin is still not fully stable u can only flash some kernels but not roms and scrips,not yet but they will fyi

  3. Amanda October 1, 2012 12:17 pm 

    Flashing roms and customization is not a new thing, thought for the average computer/smartphone user it’s not easy. (Ihave been looking for someone to root my phone since i am without the know-how myself.) It’s also already being done here in Houston by other people/ businesses. I have seen it offered to a small degree in some cricut type locations, and there are also other individuals that will do this, and also be able to root more than samsung devices, AND offer physical repairs like cracked screens, damaged charging ports, and buttons.

    After emailing with sam, being offered hacks to illegaly access pad apps, and having to decifer the poor spelling and grammar… I decided to use someone else… i also will not have to pay for any restocking or quick fixes if they should arise. 3

    • Amanda October 1, 2012 1:35 pm 

      ** access paid apps** ((can’t catch them all with a little one who thinks he should help you type!))

      • Sam Catalan November 8, 2012 11:53 pm 

        Dear Amanda,

        This is as far as I will type over the web or texts maybe you have alotta time in ur hands sweety but busy people dont have time to spell correctly over texts lol join our generation!! If u check ur spelling to make sure its right wen ure texting well jokes on u baby and by the way u never contacted me about nothing about no tab or pad everybody that has called or text me came to see me and left happy as a matter of fact people like u!! spend more money for the same thing lol and get ripped off trust me I worked for many big and small cell phone stores and they have no idea and the go to youtube and dowload copies of files that are old I go straight to the developers even if I gotta pay! do u have any idea how many people have came to me saying “please help a store did mine for $80 and now its acting up and theyll fix it for u but ull have to pay again” and people who tried to do it themselves and bricked the phone and btw sweet Amanda dear dear sweet Amanda if thats even ur real name flashing is not all I do and u probably r the type to go payy 560.00 for a phone when people like “me” get the exact same new phone for half of what you paid and another thing also to MR. “Ieat in fancy restaurants and flash roms all day” thats u cause u have nothing better to do and if ur girl finds out u ignore her hmmm maybe sumbody like me will take her off ur hands for a few lol look people all this negativity is childish u might as well say “people who fix cars are stupid cause “I can fix a car while I eat at a fancy restaurant” lolsure u can learn,youtube,or actually go to school for Android development and currently working on creating and developing my own custom operating system jelly bean 4.1.2 for gs3 and galaxy note 2 so all yall can shut ur traps try to delevope a os smart ass!! sure u can learn to change ur car oil but u might be too prissy and not wanna get dirty so u pay for sumbody to change ur oil eventho u can learn it urself and watch youtube but u didnt did u??? and I guarantee I know more about any android operating system that u will ever know unless u follow it as a career and I know all about the next 2 major samsung updates but looks like ull have to wait with mr “I eat at fancy restaurants” every single person that has come to me has been happy and I do more then root and flash I create scripts,custom boot animations,custom modems,and now working on my very own os so untill u can comete with me pls stay quiet and Amanda Im not done with u sweety I bet u that the place you went to charged u more to mod ur tab and i bet u they gave u what we in android development call “blah blah story” about how ur tab is so advance and tech this and tech that well point being u paid more than what u woulda paid me and I offer free service if ure not satisfied to fix,install a different,or back to stock some files I have are not in xda or android forums they r exclusive files meaning ur cheap butts ghotta pay so just cause u watched QBKing77 (whom I respect very much) does not mean u know all about it all u know how to do is the same as changing a tire when u still have the rest of the car to repair so Amanda u continue going to the store u went to and keep getting ripped off wethr u got it like that or not u still got ripped off lol and if something happens to it after they woked on it then guess what baby u gotta pay again lol yall have a gud night and pls folks next time u want to make urself look like a *** make sure u have ur facts str8 u see wat happened to Romney right for Mr “I eat at fancy restaurants and I dont pay attention to my girl so tyrone taking her out” lol and for mr Andrew Alien or whatever ur name is dont hate because I started b4 u did and alotta people come to me and will continue to do so just like u go to a fancy restaurant to pay wen u can cook at home but oh wait u cant cook so lets use another example oh yes the car example u pay for a tune up wen u can read on google how to do it while ure eating at a fancy restaurant and ingnoring ur girlfriend who later will be ignoring u wen tyrone get ahold of her lol its been fun yall have a good one and smile ure on Candid camera lol or worlds stupidest “I think I know it all” videos

  4. Andrew Alien December 6, 2012 6:18 pm 

    Hello Sam,
    As a gentleman, I’d like to reply to your comments in an adult
    manner. Firstly, my “eat at fancy restaurants” brother is an engineer for NASA and has been a vital part of many projects including the successful completion of the supercomputer Pleiades.
    Rooting for him is just a hobby and I don’t see the need for your backlash to such a clearly sarcastically written comment by me. Secondly, as a missile toting alien, I can say that no one cares what you say or think you filthy pygmy. I heard your mom had a nice time with Tyrone after their dinner as well and that he hard-bricked her black cherry and voided her warranty.
    Don’t they have some place in Houston without towering countertops that you could work, Tatoo? Circus not in town? Your puppet hands make the galaxy s3 look like my 80inch.

  5. World BEST Mobile January 2, 2013 3:17 pm 

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  6. Sam theandroidguy011 June 12, 2013 6:12 am 

    Blah blah look tall making me famous I nvr said I created the roms and u and I really different u might call yourself a gentleman but I don’t take kindly to people who want to say dumb ish about me I am human above all and this isn’t my profession I do it for fun and I love it if people rather pay me then cool just like u pay to eat at a restaurant when u can cook it yourself or have your brothers girl do it I’m greatful Mr . Carey had me on his show it was a privilege and yes I was nervous and Mr . Carey (with all due respect) told me if people don’t hate then I’m not doing something right oh just to pass yall off I will b opening a few shops dedicated only to develop and root and roms and money will go to xda developers for allowing all of us to flash their work

  7. Sam theandroidguy011 June 12, 2013 6:16 am 

    Or u can walk to walk and come see me big boy 10445 greens crossing Blvd 77038 u don’t even have to announce you’re coming I run the whole block here one entrance and one exit

  8. michael reed October 6, 2013 1:36 pm 

    i need some help with my phone

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