Today County Attorney Vince Ryan appointed Houston attorney Kim Ogg Special Assistant County attorney to handle neighborhood protection issues, including matters involving human trafficking and other crimes.

Ogg will be assigned to cases against enterprises that operate outside the law and allow criminal acts to occur on their premises, causing damage to the quality of life in neighborhoods and destroying property values.

Ogg currently serves as managing partner in the Ogg Law Firm, a family operated boutique trial firm, specializing in state and federal criminal defense and forensic investigation.  She served as Executive Director for Crime Stoppers of Houston from 1999 to 2006 and recently led the efforts of the Harris County District Attorney to obtain court orders against gangs operating in the Haverstock apartments in north Houston.  She was Director of the City of Houston Mayor’s Gang Task Force from 1994 to 1999.

County Attorney Ryan said, “Kim Ogg literally wrote the book on using the power of civil enforcement to go after criminal activities.  Her experience and qualifications will enhance our efforts to improve the lives of the people of Harris County.”

County Attorney Ryan said his office has filed suit or negotiated the closure of a number of illegal enterprises since 2009.  The lawsuits typically are filed against businesses that engage in habitual criminal activity, such as prostitution, alcohol and beverage violations, and the unlicensed operation of massage establishments.