Harris County Commissioners voted to approve the hiring of an outside law firm to defend the governmental bod from a possible legal challenge.

Commissioners plan to maintain and keep up a cross discovered at the county owned Spring Creek Park.

Terry O’Rouke with the Harris County Attorney’s Office says this comes after a local group claimed the county could be violating the rules that separate church and state.

That group asked that the cross be removed from the county property in Tomball that’s owned and maintained by tax dollars.

O’RourkeĀ  says the huge cross could be at least 60 years old was on the land before the county purchased it.

He says there is also some concern whether there us an old cemetery where the religious symbol was erected.

O’Rouke says the county is not violating any rules separating church and state according to their interpretation of the law.

By the way, that law firm (Yetter Coleman) approved by the commission is actually volunteering its services for any possible legal challenges.