It was back in August when we showed you the plight of the congregation at St. John Baptist Church in Fort Bend County.

Members of the holy house established in 1869 say they can’t afford to renovate their sanctuary which was gutted by fire in 2006.

They say a sales agreement signed by their founding members (freed slaves) doesn’t allow them to miss a single Sunday or the church land could go back to the original owners.

As a result members of the small group have not missed a single Sunday of worship despite the disrepair of their building.

Since their report aired on Fox 26 several individuals and groups have tried to help the congregation raise money.


The latest to help out several metal detecting clubs in our area.

The group held an event on the church’s property where participants went on a hunt for metal objects in an effort to raise money to rebuild St. John.

Dominic Hurst with the group writes:

The local metal detecting clubs do this as a part of our commitment to community service and to promote our hobby in a good light. We are dedicated to preserving history that would be lost if not for this hobby. The clubs contain many members that are history buffs, and doing the research on the place/area is the fun of the entire process. Then to be able to preserve a piece of that history makes it so much better. When I saw the story on the Isiah Factor I brought the idea to my club president to see if the area clubs would be interested in staging a club hunt to assist the church in its fund raising. There was a large response to put this hunt together, and members were given the option to vote on the per person amounts of $5, $10, $15, & $20. The overwhelming response was for $20/person to provide a church in need with the most money possible and draw the members to the hunt. We were glad to be able to do this for the church and thank you for bringing this story to our attention. All the local area clubs participated along with our members from our online forum. It was a great day to get together and we had a great time. Although due to fill dirt being spread on the property during the subdivision development our finds were not great we were able to raise $580 for St. John’s. The local clubs involved were: M.C.A.R.C. – Montgomery County Artifacts Recovery Club T.A.R.C. – Tomball Archelogical Recoveery Club H.A.R.C. – Houston Archelogical Recovery Club Galveston island treasure club Treasure Hunters Association of Pasadena Along with members of


  1. Janie Odom September 27, 2012 4:18 pm 

    Got to meet some of the church members – awesome folks with a great attitude! Hope more of the community helps this group rebuild their church. Isiah, Thanks for caring and sharing the story.

  2. Michelle Day September 27, 2012 8:43 pm 

    I was lucky enough to participate in this fundraiser club hunt. The stories that were shared & the extent the church members are going in order to keep this wonderful church open was & is heartwarming! The church, although terribly damaged, is a beautiful building. I truly hope & pray that they are able to continue putting so much love & beauty on this earth.

  3. Jerry September 28, 2012 3:34 pm 

    If only our county commissioners could see the good we do, picking up all the metal trash, the bottle caps, the pull tabs and when we leave a person cannot see we have ever been there. The idea we leave holes in property, tear up the grasses, destroy history is absurd and not at all representative of our clubs and the members. On many many occasions I have had to find trash cans so I could dump all the cans, and other trash I collect while hunting city parks.

  4. Dominic Hurst October 5, 2012 2:18 pm 

    Thanks guys for participating in this hunt!!

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