As a result of Sandy hitting the east coast there could be delays in online commerce like Ebay. That’s why the online auction site sent out an email relaxing their standards for people who may be affected by the storm. Here is that notice sent out late Thursday night:


We’re writing you, a valued eBay seller in the mid-Atlantic or northeast regions of the United States, to let you know that we will be extending some additional support during the situation created by Hurricane Sandy.

Any low Detailed Seller Ratings for Communication and Shipping Time that we determine are the result of this situation will be removed from your Seller Performance rating.

Any eBay Buyer Protection cases opened for Item Not Received that we determine are the result of this situation will not be counted towards your Seller Performance rating.

We’re noting in your account with eBay that you may be affected by these events. Affected eBay Top Rated Sellers will be protected from any changes in status based on a temporary inability to upload tracking information.

We are sending an email to buyers who’ve purchased your items within the last 6 days to let them know their items may be delayed and why, and ask for their patience and understanding.
Buyers will see a message when leaving feedback for affected transactions informing them of the situation.

During this time, do your best to communicate with your buyers whenever possible. If you have items you won’t be able to ship on time, inform your buyers about any delays—and upload tracking once possible—to best let your customers know when to expect their items.

And—if you have an eBay Stores subscription—we strongly recommend that you put your Store in vacation mode to better control purchasing activity and to indicate to buyers that your operation has been temporarily affected by a natural disaster. We can do this for you at your request, as well.

We hope these measures are helpful in this difficult time. Please call us and let us know what additional support we can provide. Our thoughts are with you.

eBay Customer Support