The Examiner: The 2012 Presidential election is less than a week away, and it appears that President Barack Obama s lead is widening on Republican candidate Mitt Romney As of the morning of Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, Polltracker has the projected electoral vote lead going favorably in the direction of the President and Romney’s support weakening. Just on Wednesday morning, Obama had widened his projected lead 274 to 206 in electoral votes over Romney Since then though, it appears that early voting estimates and a few other polls combined have changed things dramatically. View slideshow: The projected electoral votes seem to be going Obama’s way Remember, it takes 270 electoral votes to win the election. Obama’s influence in a number of key states with big numbers of electoral votes is what is seemingly going to swing this election his way, if all stays as predicted. According to projected numbers on PollTracker through Thursday morning on Nov. 1, 2012: President Barack Obama: Popular Percentage: 47.4 Projected Electoral Votes: 303 Mitt Romney: Popular Percentage: 46.4 Projected Electoral Votes: 191 Please let it be known that these are still just estimates and projections, but not actual results of course. The real numbers will come on the night of the 2012 election, and it is still either candidate’s game to win.

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  1. Lucas Jackson November 1, 2012 12:59 pm 

    Hey, if Polltracker says it, it must be true!

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