Lloyd Oliver


The Factor is attempting to get a comment from Shami and Anderson on this press release!

Update and response from Mike Anderson:

The Mike Anderson campaign responded to (hopefully) the last gasp of a dying campaign – the latest preposterous pontifications of the Lloyd Oliver campaign.

“Mike Anderson has received 693 individual contributions, representing the greatest diversity of any candidate on the ballot during the 2012 election cycle,” said Allen Blakemore, campaign spokesman.  “He has garnered support in every corner of Harris County and beyond.

 “Mr. Anderson accepts contributions from donors who appreciate the fact that he has superior background, qualifications, and experience to that of his opponent.

 “Given the sheer number of donors and the diversity of the group, it is fair to assume that they hold a wide array of personal opinions and beliefs. 

“Bottom line – the Anderson Campaign accepts support from individuals who support Mike, not the other way around,” Mr. Blakemore concluded.

Update: Response from Shami’s company –

I am unaware of the press release you spoke of. We would not comment on the personal activities of Mr. Shami.