Carl Lewis

The Factor has learned former track superstar Carl Lewis is moving back to Houston.

The 10 time Olympic medal winner spoke exclusively with me in a telephone interview from New Jersey Monday morning.

Lewis, now 51, says he will continue to run his businesses and ventures from the Bayou City while making it his permanent home.

Lewis won’t be coming back alone.

He says he is also moving his mother back to Houston along with his staff.

The track figure says while he wasn’t born in Houston, the city has always been important to him because this is where he launched his professional career.

The athlete says he’s already purchased homes and he will be arriving in town Tuesday to vote in the big election.

He didn’t keep it a secret who he’s supporting for President: Barack Obama.

That means he’s already registered to vote here in Texas.

Lewis says registering to vote in Harris County was part of his relocation process.

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Update: Special thanks to Derek Queen at Educated Change for playing a crucial role in this exclusive!

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