Press Release from Chair Jared Woodfill:

Let’s Get Out The Vote!  

We are only two days away from Election Day-it’s time to sprint to the finish line! We have worked too hard and too long to let up now. Our army of volunteers will be making thousands of voter contacts between now and Election Day – let’s back them up. Over the next two days, we need your help at our Victory Centers.

To volunteer, please go to the Victory Center near you.Important Election Day InformationPolls open Tuesday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.All registered voters can cast their vote ONLY in their precinct. Polling locations for Harris County can be found at www.HarrisVotes.comAs long as a voter is in line at the polls by 7pm, they will be allowed to vote.

The Early Vote results will be released at 7pm. We urge all Republicans that are standing in line to vote at that time to please stay in line and vote no matter what those early results say. The Election Day turnout is critical and we need ALL Republicans to make sure and cast their vote because the races in Harris County WILL BE CLOSE!Computers always have their difficulties. Anyone with a personal computer will understand this point.


Therefore, we urge ALL Voters to REVIEW their ballot before they click “CAST BALLOT”. If there is something wrong, they need to alert the election judge at that polling location. The voter should not leave to report the issue later. Once you click “CAST BALLOT”, it is done.We have a team of lawyers here at the Harris County Republican Party Headquarters all day Tuesday to respond to any problems that occur at the polls.

Their direct phone number is 877-854-1344We can still use volunteers at the phone banks at our 4 GOP offices and any of our Republican candidates can use extra feet on the ground. You can find a list of the candidates with contact information on our website:

HarrisCountyGOP.comMake sure every Republican is getting out to vote!