Residents in area just east of downtown Houston are still complaining about the noise from their new neighbors. This comes after Comeka Diaz contacted Fox 26 last month. The long time resident says while one problem has been fixed another remains. The problem Diaz complained about was the overpowering smell of diesel fuel coming from the bus barn. She says it came from fuel storage tank at the facility. The resident says the tank has since been removed. However, Diaz says the loud noise from where the buses are stored is still very disturbing. Officials with MegaBus out of San Antonio told Fox 26 last month they are doing everything possible to reduce the noise. A spokesman also said they’re doing what they can to get along with its neighbors. The Factor will keep you updated!

Update: Kathy Barton with the City of Houston Health Department says there was an inspection of the fuel storage tank at the Megabus barn.  She says while the company was given a warning for a leak in the tank they voluntarily removed it from the property.

Previous Response from Megabus: Off camera, Megabus officials said they tried to work with the community by being a little quieter.  Rick Funke said residents are just going to have to realize they live in an area that was mainly industrial before town homes and condos started popping up.