Press Release: The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Unit resurrected by Sheriff Adrian Garcia in January 2009 has solved a 16th violent death in which the original investigation had become dormant.   The case involves the shooting death of Aaron Wade Otto, 27, whose body was found Nov. 25, 2001, near the Houston Ship Channel at 14900 Jacinto Port Blvd.   The U.S. Justice Department, in cooperation with several federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, today announced a wide-ranging set of arrests and indictments involving members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, including the three alleged killers in the Otto case. They are Jaime G. Loveall, 37, David O. Roberts, 35 and Michael R. Lamphere, 54. They are serving Texas prison sentences for crimes unrelated to the killing.   Sheriff Garcia reinstated the Cold Case Unit shortly after taking office. The unit examines unsolved homicides in which leads had dried up during the original investigations. In this case, the unit received a tip that allowed them to re-examine evidence and zero in on suspects. Sheriff’s Office personnel eventually brought the case to a close with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Justice, the ATF, the FBI and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.   “We need a Cold Case Unit to help bring long-sought closure to survivors of murder victims and to society. I am so proud that our investigators have done exactly that for the 16th time in less than four years,’’ Sheriff Garcia said. “The results are a reflection of the tireless work of all of our investigators and crime fighters at the Sheriff’s Office and cooperating agencies at all levels of government.”   The unit is Sgt. Eric Clegg, Sgt. Robert Minchew and researcher Rebecca Sweetman. Sgt. Mark Schmidt assisted in the Otto case.


  1. Connie Boyd November 9, 2012 5:35 pm 

    I’m Aaron Ottos’ mother and I’ve waited 11 long years for this day and will wait as long as it takes for that Court Date. I’m so excited Grateful and more than I can say.Justice finally Prevails. Thank You also for Publicity of these cases his in paticular. I knew this day would come I never gave up and prayed and prayed. Now there will be closure in the end.Thank You all Police and Departments who worked so hard and made this possible. Connie Boyd

  2. Stephen Thompson November 9, 2012 8:29 pm 

    Justice has prevailed!!!!! This is my cousin And was a very tragic lost for our family. Glad we got some of the answers and will be able to rest a little easier.

  3. brenda dobbs albright October 17, 2013 6:58 pm 

    Connie words can not say what i think of this. my husband died 8 yrs ago. dr’s never drained his lungs. an he drowned . it is so hard for me. have to get power steering and i will be over. love u brenda

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