The LaRouche Pac is at it again. This time members of the organization set up shop at the Panther Creek US Post office in the Woodlands.

Some residents snapped these pictures and were concerned the organization was going too far by spreading anti-Obama literature on federal property.

The Factor placed a call to the US Postal Service to get some answers.

Dionne Montague is the spokesperson at USPS for the Houston area.

She says the LaRouche Pac has an understanding with the postal service and the group is allowed to be on federal property with their propaganda.

However, Montague says they are not allowed to interfere with postal operations, impede entry to the office, or talk with citizens on property.

She says the LaRouche rep must walk off federal property to engage in a conversation about their plight or agenda.

So, for those who are concerned about the signs and posters that depict President Obama as the worst dictator in world history…it’s apparently allowed on federal property!


  1. W. King November 10, 2012 10:46 am 

    I was one of the residents who witnessed this event. My biggest concern is with the manner in which our president was depicted on the signs. In American society we are afforded the priviledge of free speech and this representative of the LaRouche Pac has the right to express his views (although I’m troubled that he is allowed to do so on federal property). However, I am tired of these fringe groups (as well as some mainstream ones) using their platform to insult President Obama by comparing him to one of the most despicable characters in our human history. I have been to Germany and seen the death camps where millions of Jews were tortured and murdered. To compare Obama to Hitler implies an incredible stupidity and disconnection with history on the part of those who do this. It’s clearly racism that drives this behavior and it invalidates any message they are trying to express. I find it interesting that no one seemed to feel this type of visceral anger toward a president who took the US into a war based on deliberate lies and scare tactics. The Iraq war has cost us thousands of American lives and there are even more soldiers struggling to recover. I’ve been to a military hospital in the DC area and seen those young men and women recovering from devastating and life changing injuries. By the end of his term, President Bush actually said that he didn’t see the need to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. But no one was upset enough to villify him with obnoxious posters, question his citizenship, accuse him of being lazy or tell him to go back to wherever his family came from. I would challenge those who have expressed so much distain toward President Obama to look inward and have an honest discussion with themselves about what is really going on. You may disagree with his policies. Perhaps you wanted the auto industry to fail or don’t want FEMA around if a hurricane removes your home from earth. But how does that justify such blatantly racist and disrespectful behavior? And make no mistake about it. It is racist and makes you look really, really ignorant.

  2. Lucas Jackson November 12, 2012 11:15 am 

    “I find it interesting that no one seemed to feel this type of visceral anger toward a president who took the US into a war based on deliberate lies and scare tactics.”

    You’re kidding, right? If I had a nickel for every time GWB was compared to Hitler and the GOP compared to Nazis, I’d be sipping a cocktail in a tropical paradise right now.

    Oh, and you really should do a little research on the Iraq Resolution. if you did, you would find the majority of your fellow Democrats in Congress all voted to go into Iraq as well. No scapegoating allowed, sorry.

    • w. King November 12, 2012 7:47 pm 

      Sorry, LJ but there were no signs of GWB depicted as Hitller. I wouldn’t count on that cocktail. In fact, he has never been held accountable for getting the US in a war based on lies. And yes, practically everyone in Congress voted to go to war with Iraq. But they did so because they were given deliberately false information. No scapegoating intended. It is what it is.

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