I ripped this from a website but I’m not quite sure it’s true until I make some calls Wednesday morning. But this will be earth shattering news in the African American community and Houston in general!


After years of prayers and sacrifices it is with great excitement that we announce that the Guadalupe Radio Network is purchasing KCOH 1430 AM in Houston, Texas. KCOH will reach over 5.5 million potential listeners in the Houston area.

We anticipate going on the air in February 2013. We wish to thank Leo and Gina Garza of Eternal Truth Broadcasting for their faithful prayers over the years for this mission, and for their support of Guadalupe Radio Network.

We need an army of Volunteers to help get the word out about this wonderful news. If you would like to help, please email the GRN at:

volunteer@grnonline.comWe give thanks to our Lord and our Lady of Guadalupe for answering our prayers to bring a Catholic Radio to the sixth largest radio market in the US.

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