I’m sure you’re like me when it comes to getting a good deal. I tend to flock to clearance sales at any retailer. But what you have to be very careful of is the going out of business sale. Typically, stores that are shutting down bring in a liquidation company to handle the transition. Part of their plan is to move as much as possible as fast as possible. The liquidator does that by hanging out the bright colorful signs indicating huge discounts. But what I have learned in my shopping career is you typically don’t get as big of a deal as you think. I was in a major store this weekend that was closing one location. They advertised 10% to 30% off everything. But what I noticed in this store was the prices before the reduction were higher than before the sale and significantly higher than any competitor. For example the store I went to had a Samsung Galaxy Tab for $399 with a 10% discount. The problem with that is the Galaxy Tab sells brand new at every other store for $299. So, buyer please beware of the going out of business sale!