Harris County Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino faces four felony indictments related to his political campaigns, his charity and the way he ran his constable’s office.Trevino has been charged with two counts of tampering with a government document, one count of abuse of official capacity and one count of misapplication of a fiduciary duty.The latter charge is the most serious: a third-degree felony carrying a potential penalty of 10 years in prison. It is related to “improprieties in the handling of funds” for CARE, a non-profit organization operated by him, according to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.Certified Public Accountant Bob Martin has seen the organization’s tax returns. He told FOX 26 News the documents did not meet the IRS’s minimum standards.Beyond stating lump sums for revenues and expenses, Martin says there were precious few details about how the money was actually spent.”There were checks that didn’t have any backup receipts for them,” Martin said. “They were just for lump sums and a lot of them were payable to a convenience store. It was very suspicious activity.”So where did the money go? Exactly where it was supposed to, says Victor Trevino’s attorney, Chip Lewis.”It was spent on all of the programs that he’s provided for Precinct 6 since he took office, 24 years ago,” said Lewis. “You’ll notice in all the indictments there is not one allegation of personal enrichment.”Nevertheless, there are now calls for Victor Trevino to step aside and they’re coming from the top official in Harris County.”I would hope Constable Trevino would understand the wisdom of removing himself from law enforcement until he gets this matter resolved,” Judge Ed Emmett told FOX 26 News.But the 7-term constable isn’t going anywhere, retorts his attorney.”There is absolutely no reason, given the mandate of his constituents, that he would step down and stop protecting his constituents that have resoundingly, seven elections in a row, reelected him,” said Lewis.The indictments against Trevino, which are the result of a 14-month-long investigation by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Division, also accuse the constable of using his elected position to induce on-duty uniformed deputy constables to drive county vehicles to serve eviction and property vacate notices that were not relating to their employment; and of presenting campaign finance reports that failed to include mandatory contribution information, as required by law.On Friday, Trevino was taken to Harris County jail where he went through the bonding process. A court date has not been scheduled.Lewis says about 8 months ago, Trevino resigned his position with the non-profit organization CARE, which has been disbanded and is no longer in operation.