Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constable David Hill has made an arrest of a former Magnolia, Texas city official.

Constable Hill says that man is former City Administrator Ryan Caldwell Kelley.

It appears  Kelley was arrested Thursday night after he apparently left his laptop on the outside of his vehicle then drove off and the computer fell off.

Investigators say someone found that computer and started looking through it and discovered child pornography on it.

That’s when that person contacted local law enforcement officials and Kelley was arrested.

But this wasn’t his first time in handcuffs.

Published reports show the former City Administrator of Magnolia lost his position after being arrested for driving while intoxicated back in April of 2010.

He later resigned from his position but the case was eventually dismissed.

In this current criminal case, Kelley is being charged with four counts of possession of child pornography.

He’s being held on a $400,000 bond.

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  1. Jim November 29, 2012 11:27 pm 

    You all know, GOD has a way of bringing out all the bad in someone and protecting the little children that are innocent inthere eyes.

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