Clark County School District Police arrested two teen suspects Friday in a Las Vegas bullying case that went viral on YouTube.The video shows a teen victim being unexpectedly punched by another teen. A third male is shown videotaping the incident.The students attend Roy Martin Middle School in the east valley. The 13-year-old and 15-year-old brothers were arrested on battery charges. One of the teens also faces a gang enhancement charge for flashing a sign in the video. CCSD Police are not sure of when the assault happened, but the video has received nearly 50,000 page views.The video shows the victim and alleged attacker talking and smiling. Voices can be heard in the background and appear to fuel a fight. The 13-year-old boy walks around the victim and throws a punch hitting the teen in the face. The victim, who is reportedly a special needs student, covers his face and walks away, only to be attacked again. People and cars pass by but no one stops.”It’s bullying at its worst. It’s something the school district and the school district police department take very seriously,” said Lt. Darnell Couthen, CCSD Police Department.At the end of the clip, the 15-year-old flashes a sign to the camera. Police say it is a gang sign. That teen was approached by an 8 News NOW crew Friday. He admits to being in the video and claims he was protecting his younger brother.”I got into a fight because the kid came over to my house disrespecting my pad,” the juvenile said.The teen claims the video only captured the end of the fight.Police say other teens involved in this case could be arrested.A woman who claims to be the mother of the two boys posted a message on Facebook saying she was sorry for the hurt that was caused to the boy in the video and said her son would be punished for his actions.  


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