Say hello to Big Sexy aka Donald Givens. The Houston native is a police officer in the small city of Trinity, Tx.

Givens and the other members of the police force of a half dozen officers have found themselves the subject of a national reality show.

It’s called Big Texas Heat and it airs on CMT Saturday nights at 9:30 pm.

The show focuses on the lives of the officers on and off duty in the small town just near Huntsville.

Givens, who was once a teacher, says he is hoping his fellow Houstonians tune in to the show to keep it on the air.

So far he says there have been 4 episodes with an average of 800,000 weekly viewers.

Given’s star is really taking off because he’s already taped an episode of the Steve Harvey show which airs December 14th right here on Fix 26.


Preview of the show:

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  1. Susan December 7, 2012 9:48 pm 

    Yes, he is a natural in front of the cameras. I wish him the best of luck even if he is a Cowboy fan!!!!!

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