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  1. My cousin, would not do this……… I miss You Nathan.

  2. HE DID!!!!!

  3. eric was like a son to me a girl a
    on the way 2 baby bosys at home wat are these kids gunna do witout there father?why would nathon and jonathon take his life?I hopw and pray they get death!!!!!

  4. i miss you so much eric , fuck these hoe ass niggas.

  5. fuk them hoe ass niggas… we all pray to god they kill them in jail they deserve it … we miss you eric …. we all love you…

  6. I hope dey get wat dey deserve and be someones bitch taking away a father of 3 an also my bestfriend ! I love u bff !

  7. Should be upgraded to Capital Murder since robbery was also involved.

  8. If ERIC wasn’t a fucking loser and dealing drugs, he would not have been put in this situation. So in somewhat of a way, its partially his own fault hes dead. This is just a lesson to ALL drug users and dealers, YOU COULD GET YOURSELF KILLED!!

    1. bitch eric was no loser u cunt ass bitch!!!!!!

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