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  1. We live in a sick world. I hope seeing these hoodlums brought to justice gives the Woods family some kind of solace.

  2. They need to be hanged….just skip the the doggone trail and wasting (my taxpaying money) find the highest tree on the outskirts of Houston and Hang ‘em high! It’s just pitiful how these young thugs have no regards for human life!! And, yes I’m a Black woman, that said, “Hang them from the highest tree!”

  3. Wow, what sad news to hear. I’m in South Korea and I can’t believe this horrible thing happened to this innocent young man. Look at all of the birthdays of the children that did this. Horrible. Young and dumb. They will regret this decision they made.

    We as a community should come together and teach our children that material things don’t make you who you are. It starts with the parents. Parents start by buying children all these expensive things and then when they can’t afford it anymore, some do whatever possible to get it. Look where this mindset gets us. Another death, over what? A pair of shoes that cost $150 to you and $10 to make in Asia. The true value is $15-$20. Wow.

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