A former volunteer at KTSU radio is behind bars after allegedly stealing hundreds of donors personal information.

32 year old Michael Whitfield is accused of multiple counts of identity theft after allegedly stealing pledge sheets containing credit card information from KTSU listeners and then using that information for his own gain.

Assistant Harris County District Attorney Donna Logan says he purchased electronics and gift cards after using the donors’ information.

In some cases Logan says Whitfield would buy products and resell them for the cash.

Investigators say they have more than 20 confirmed cases and there could be up to 300 potential victims.

Whitfield will face enhanced charges because 14 of his alleged victims are senior citizens.

He’s being held on $200,000 bond at the Harris County Jail.

Texas Southern University issued this statement:

KTSU’s Official Statement

 KTSU deeply regrets that it appears donors information may have been compromised. KTSU management takes this incident seriously and will be working with our own police department, legal counsel and other  law enforcement officials in every way to fully resolve this matter.


At the time of this alleged incident Mr. Michael Whitfield, was not, and is not an Employee of KTSU. He served as a volunteer for the radio station on an as needed basis.

 We want donors to know that management has taken additional measures to ensure the security of donor information, including moving donor records to a more secure site to encrypt donor information. We are aggressively reviewing our  controls to ensure that this unfortunate incident  doesn’t happen again.

Texas Southern University


  1. piscean black January 10, 2013 11:12 pm 

    it’s about time for someone out there to make some changes at ktsu … everyone should be fired except the dj’s who’ve been keeping this station afloat through all of the bullshit that has transpired for the past decade … george thomas and all of his staff should be ousted …. from top to bottom … charles hudson, the piss poor sales staff larry johnson and deborah chambers, those two baffoons sheldon t. nunn and donna franklin, debbie adams and the whole worthless crew … ktsu has become a begging joke and nobody who listens should should give another penny to this debacle … there is no accountability … money is contributed, volunteers do all the work and those on the payroll sit on their asses and dictate policy … months ago, $6000 allegedly came up missing from the unlocked unsecured office of sales exec larry don johnson – that little loss was quickly swept under the rug … this place is a den of thieves and there should be a public outcry for oversight, investigation and a thorough audit … mike whitfield is the tip of the iceberg … someone, please melt it and get to the bottom of the corruption … FIRE THEM ALL!!!

  2. HL January 11, 2013 6:25 pm 

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