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  1. it’s about time for someone out there to make some changes at ktsu … everyone should be fired except the dj’s who’ve been keeping this station afloat through all of the bullshit that has transpired for the past decade … george thomas and all of his staff should be ousted …. from top to bottom … charles hudson, the piss poor sales staff larry johnson and deborah chambers, those two baffoons sheldon t. nunn and donna franklin, debbie adams and the whole worthless crew … ktsu has become a begging joke and nobody who listens should should give another penny to this debacle … there is no accountability … money is contributed, volunteers do all the work and those on the payroll sit on their asses and dictate policy … months ago, $6000 allegedly came up missing from the unlocked unsecured office of sales exec larry don johnson – that little loss was quickly swept under the rug … this place is a den of thieves and there should be a public outcry for oversight, investigation and a thorough audit … mike whitfield is the tip of the iceberg … someone, please melt it and get to the bottom of the corruption … FIRE THEM ALL!!!

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