A Waller County mother is very upset after her five year old son was kicked out of school Thursday. Ursula Martin says when she first took her son Zyan to class one teacher thought he was a female. She says at that point everything was fine. But Martin says the moment the teacher at Robert Roads Elementary in Waller ISD realized her son was a boy with longer than usual hair he was told he could not stay. Martin says she’s not quite sure why they won’t allow her son to stay in school. She says she was given a school policy banning hair that goes past a sports collar on a shirt. Martin also site religious reasons for her son’s young hair. The Factor placed a call to the Waller ISD’s spokesperson Marianne Kosik. She says she is preparing a response and once I get it, I will post it here. In the meantime, little Zyan who just transferred to the district will have to stay home until there is an agreement between his parents and the school!

Response from Waller ISD:

In response to your inquiry today, the Roberts Road Elementary School Principal is working
directly with the parent and the student to address a hair length dress code concern; this is the
normal practice of the Waller Independent School District.
The Waller Independent School District Student Handbook Grooming & Attire (Dress Code)
guideline states:
The principal of each campus shall apply the Grooming Code and make all final decisions
regarding what is acceptable and appropriate considering the age and activities of the students.
Guidelines and administrative decisions regarding appropriate dress will reflect concern for health
and safety of students and the influence of specific dress or grooming on the overall educational
climate of the school.

Specific Guideline pertaining to hair length includes:
 A student’s hair must be neat, clean and must not be distracting or interfere with the
learning environment. Extreme hairstyles, hair designs and hair color are not acceptable.
A male student’s hair may not extend below the bottom of a sport shirt collar. The
wearing of wigs, hairpieces or other devices to avoid compliance with the grooming code
shall not be permitted.
The parent accepted and signed the Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form and is aware of
Waller Independent School District’s Grooming and Attire Dress Code guidelines.
Thank you for your inquiry. The principal is working directly with the parent to resolve the

Danny Twardowski
Waller Independent School District



  1. Lucas Jackson January 10, 2013 3:09 pm 

    Are they even giving the boy a choice of how he wants his hair?

  2. Stephen January 10, 2013 5:05 pm 

    They are asking for a lawsuit

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