If you’re a Galaxy Note II owner like I am, then this ought to pique your interest. Samsung has shown off a full lineup of accessories for their flagship 5.5″ device at CES 2013. Barely even a half of a year old, the Note II is expected to reach over 10 million sales within the next two months and Samsung has already piled up $8.3billion in sales off the Galaxy phones and components alone.

In this upcoming wave of new accessories were found new flip cover cases (in grey, maroon, yellow, blue, white, pink, orange, green, brown, and dark blue), a new protective cover+ (in black, white, blue, green, and pink), and two premium wallet cases (in red and brown).

Also shown off in this reveal was a battery pack, an extra battery pack, an AllShare Cast dongle, a Desktop Dock, a Multimedia Dock, a s-pen, a HDTV adapter, and a microUSB. That’s a lot of awesome.

The global launch for these accessories has not been released, but check back in with us for the latest updates. I will definitely be waiting for the HDTV adapter. For reasons.

Source: GSM Insider