Press Release: On Tuesday, January 12, 2013, a contingent of Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead (CALH) supporters, including Tobi Kosanke and her seven-year-old daughter, went to the State Capitol.

Miss Kosanke personally handed over a petition to Senator Glenn Hegar and Representative Cecil Bell (see photos) and asked them, in her own words, to stop the Hempstead Landfill and save Hempstead.  These sentiments are shared by the vast majority of Waller County residents who are demanding that their elected officials take the appropriate action to stop this proposed landfill which could have devastating lifelong effects on the environment and economy of Waller County and the surrounding area.


Press Release: On January 9, Mike McCall, a member of the Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead, told the Waller County Commissioners’ Court about a recent action by the Association of Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts.  In October, 2012, the Association passed a resolution to “…work with the Texas Legislature…for legislation that prohibits landfills to be placed over any aquifer recharge zone.”

It is not news that the Pintail location is on the aquifer’s recharge zone.  However, observers reported that several members of the Court appeared shocked at this information.  Perhaps those members of the Court were unaware of that.  Or possibly they were unaware of the resolution regarding legislation to prohibit putting landfills over aquifer recharge zones.

Texas is clearly facing a water crisis.  Governor Perry and members of the Legislature are trying to find ways to increase the amount of water available to Texans.  Putting landfills over aquifers is a good way to decrease future water supplies rather than increase them.


  1. JoanneM January 16, 2013 9:35 pm 

    Mr. Carey,

    Thanks for your interest in this important issue…we invite you to come out and see for yourself what our elected officials are trying to ram down the throats of Waller County citizens…and we are fighting for our right to be heard! This proposed landfill would kill our little watermelon town of Hempstead and that’s not right!!

  2. Bob Gage January 17, 2013 8:12 am 

    Thanks for covering this really serious issue in the Hempstead area, Mr. Carey. It deserves serious attention on its own merits….and it shows that there may well be other issues in Waller County that need coverage, too. Pay close attention, please.

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