How to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Goals in 2013

Be Consistent, Not Perfect – Attempts to do too much too soon perfectly set us up for failure. Take small steps and allow your body to work itself back into shape. Allowing ourselves the opportunity to miss the gym because life gets in the way gives us an opportunity to be human. When you miss, shake it off, and get back on track as quickly as possible. But just don’t quit. Research tells us that it takes about two months for activity like following a workout routine to become a habit. So stick with it.

Find Birds of a Feather – The New Year is the perfect time to inventory the influences in our lives, including friends. Find people who want to get where you want to be and build a support system. I have a Facebook group and a Houston Boot Camp group. The key is developing a network of support of like-minded individuals.

Think 2% – Significant fitness results can be achieved with a four-day-a-week cardio and resistance training program, and it requires only 2 percent of your entire week. Cardio training should be about 30 minutes with the rest in resistance strength training. It’s not a 24-7 proposition. Keeping what’s required in mind can help us stay committed.

Great Bodies are Made at the Dinner Table – Achieving six-pack abs is 60 percent nutrition, 40 percent exercise. Focus on reducing the diet saboteurs: excessive fat, salt and sugar. One can of soda, for example, has 40 grams of sugar. Focus on a nutrition plan of healthy carbs (55%), lean proteins (25%) and low fat (20%).

About Back in the Saddle to Fit: Back in the Saddle to Fit is a Houston-based fitness company designed to inspire permanent lifestyle changes regarding exercise and healthy eating among men and women. Its focus is on Generation X and Boomer professionals who have some experience with exercise and are looking to get back into shape. Back in the Saddle to Fit was founded by Darryl Ewing, a marketing communication professional and half marathoner certified in personal fitness training by the American Council on Exercise.

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About the Trainer

Darryl has been certified in personal training by the American Council on Exercise since 2001. His fitness focus is outdoor small group fitness training, with an emphasis on strength and cardio training, as well as injury prevention. Darryl’s fitness philosophy starts with the belief that a strong heart equals a strong body.An avid runner since college, Darryl has completed more than 15 half marathons and fitness obstacle courses in the last several years, as well as several shorter distance runs.In accordance with ACE personal training principles, Darryl considers continuing education a key part of his personal training resume. In the last two years, he participated in the following fitness workshops:

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