The book ‘The Vow’ is written by a woman who has quite the story to tell.

Helen Kreutzer Elliott says she met the perfect God fearing man a year ago this week at church in The Woodlands.

Elliott says a month after meeting they were married but there was no honeymoon for the Montgomery County couple.


Helen says after 3 to 5 days of marriage the man of her dreams just disappeared.
She says her husband would only return text messages saying he wasn’t ready.

But what Helen didn’t know was the man was living multiple lives.

She tells the Factor she learned the man she fell for was in a relationship with 5 other women at the same time.

Women he targeted at various churches from College Station to Houston.

Helen also says the man was engaged to at least one of the six including their marriage.

If you want to read more about this fascinating journey you may want to pick up the book The Vow.


Here’s More About the author:

Helen Kreutzer Elliott is the proud mother of two daughters, Jessica and Kelly; son-in-law, Jacob; and the proud Mimi of four grandchildren, namely: Avery, Taylor, Braydon, and Rylie Dawn.Helen loves to write, read, travel, dance and loves being outdoors. She loves music and working out. Helen also loves spending time with family and friends. Most of all, she loves the Lord with all her heart.Helen’s career has spanned working with the elderly, the sick, the handicapped and the dying through her assisted living cottages along with her invaluable staff.Helen was born in an Iowa farming community and now lives in Panorama Village in Texas.

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