For the last two weeks MLK Grande Parade organizer Charles Stamps has been sending me emails involving allegations of fraud connected to the annual event in Houston he operates. 

I’m not quite sure who is complicit in the scheme that involves stolen credit cards but the finger is being pointed at a paid former volunteer of the parade.

The latest allegation according to an email from Stamps involves a stolen American Express credit card to pay the Hilton Post Oak.

According to the correspondence the Amex was used to pay for rooms used by Langston University.

The school in some form participated in the MLK Grande parade this year.

In the current email Stamps alleges his volunteer stole a credit card from a previous employer and used it to pay for the hotel rooms.

Stamps alleges the employee took the original money earmarked for the transaction and pocketed it.

This comes just weeks after that volunteer was accused of using a stolen credit card to pay for MLK signs printed at a local business.

The Factor had a chance to speak with that volunteer who says he has nothing to do with the fraudulent transactions.

The former MLK parade volunteer says Stamps is attempting to make him the fall guy for a poorly managed parade that has resulted in a trail of worthless checks.

Stamps denies the allegations saying his former volunteer is the root of the problem.

Both men have been asked to take part in a television interview with the Factor at Fox 26…Stamps says he will consider it and the former volunteer says he will not.