1. Tim February 11, 2013 8:21 am 

    Pay your bills and you won’t get stuff taken away. Looks to me like someone thought they could get away with it and got burned. You’re not the federal gov’t. and cannot just play by your own rules. A $30,000 COPIER? What did that thing do? Print dollar bills? If so, then they should have used it to pay the mortgage.

    • janet wicks February 11, 2013 4:35 pm 

      hEY ITS mE obAMA’S DEL. Do you know its a non-payment institution. Lulac, Gay White American. Have you ever been to shape you ‘ll see the love on the wall all the pictures on the wall they all have hearts you see. Stop into the kitchen get aa veggie burger I hope Mayor Parker will help contract them with the Airport or City . Each one teach one each one reache one for you never no it could be you i kno. I bet youll be impressed all the work in the community they do. From generation to generation my grandkids to mothers and fathers too. He helps them get a leg up and coucelinga lot of And most of the kids that come tpo Shape they Graduate too. ill post some pictures on my blog for you… Yes Mickey Leeyland Barbra Jordon University tsu. HCC and other major univerty all over the Globe. organizations. NAACP no one come by matters your make our creed . We personally bring food to the senior citizens in need Fresh vegatable and fruit from the garden years before Ms. Michelle tsu and the family garden helps feed and better nutrition progaams from the community. Books for anyone anyone in need. no age required get a book rAD A BOOK IT WILL BRING ON A SMILE. Seniors support for the Elder to give you l;ove and support too .Years ago I was told never say Never. I thank you for be honest about your opion of shape if you take the time to see it just will make your day . hELP N DONATE TO A WORTHY CAUSE LIKE SHAPE YOUR WILL SEE THE MANY LIVES YOU SAVE AND KEEP OFF THE STREET. zzzzzzshape= unity self effecirent strenth build up your ecimonoics self dertermination–go to organztion GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK MAY GOD BLESS YOU Ill never forget andfrom my Kids Too. thk u thk_U

  2. janet wicks February 11, 2013 3:38 pm 

    Thanks Isaih Thaks you For caring abnd You and FoX 26- making A CHANGE . can we do this oh I say: YES WE CAN” We appreciate all you and your staion do for us . Were not treouble makers we just want a voice to Talk Please Keep us Informe4d for we Love the Shape Center as Kwana Stands for love unity help in the community. Ive never seen someone tih three phones to his Ear talking on the phone with a line a mile sometime for we all wamnt to see dyloyd. KCOH N SHAPE INSTITUTIOns R- So Continue to support us and we the viwers will support you theyre Choice too.Non- Partican withy the Vote if you call you will get a Call Ride to the POLL- HELLO ITS SHAPE with a smile DO YOU WANT TO VOTE AND WHICH POLL YOU do you choose. For Buckle up what radio stationl do you like for were on our way to VOTE’. Gdbye thk-u see u at 9:00pm keep listening on Kcoh 12;30 on yr dial let me go win this pize ha! ha!

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