The Factor has talked with and received letters from residents in the South Montgomery County who say the sheriff’s department is not making its presence known there to criminals.

One viewer wrote saying there are only two to three deputies patrolling the Rayford / Sawdust area near the Woodlands…and they say the response time is horrible.

I forwarded the information to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office and received an immediate response. See the note below:

Mr. Carey:

The patrol staffing in the geographical area of your inquiry is comparable to other areas of the county.  The Sheriff’s Office constantly examines the need assessments of the patrol districts and works hard to maintain quality services with the available manpower allotments. The actual staffing is higher than the deputy referenced.  Generally there are 6 on most patrol shifts, which include call responsive supervisors. Training and time off can affect manpower and cause lower staffing but at the same time there is the opportunity to draw resources from other districts to maintain staffing.

Calls for service are prioritized and in some instances a deputy’s response can be delayed.  Of course when it is you waiting, any delay is too long. This response is not normal and it may be that there is an issue to address and the Sheriff’s Office can look into the specifics of the 3 hour response time.

The Sheriff’s Office could certainly use more staffing and has requested additional deputies in past budgets and will again in the upcoming budget process. 

Lt. Dan Norris
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office