The calls and complaints are still coming in after my report on waiters and waitresses overcharging customers at restaurants and bars.

I did a report Wednesday that struck a nerve with a lot of people.

Individuals who say they have been taken advantage of by the wait staff at local businesses when they allowed them to swipe their credit card.

The latest happened at a very popular Houston nightspot.

Read the email below:


I am tryin to get in contact with some of the managers from XXXXXX but they have been avoiding my calls.

I went there this past Friday for All-Star Weekend and bought a bottle of ciroc for myself, my brother and friends and the price was supposed to be $100 even.

I checked my bank statement on Tuesday and I was charged $110 and in addition to that another $225… So I’ve been calling them and no one can put me in contact with the right person to speak with…

I checked my bank statement again this morning. And XXXXXXXXX has charged my card again for another $225 although i was at home all night.

Who knows how much money they have stolen from All-Star patrons but I have an idea which waitress or bartender that is doing this.

Please help.