Wednesday morning State Representative Ron Reynolds issued a press release thanking Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson for dismissing a criminal case against him that was filed last year.

That thank you came after Reynolds was told the D.A. would not pursue the barratry or ambulance chasing case against the state lawmaker.

Reynolds said in his statement he knew his name would be cleared once the facts came out.

However, that statement is not quite accurate because the facts did not clear the elected official but a technicality.

Two Harris County investigators who handled Reynolds’ case were arrested on an unrelated matter leaving their credibility shot in any future cases in the District Attorney’s office.

The district attorney I’m told has no choice but to throw out the charges out against Reynolds in his barratry case.

In the end – Reynolds will never be able to completely clear his name or prove he never actually broke the law.

Here’s Reynolds’ press release:

Today, State Rep. Ron Reynolds (Fort Bend County, District 27) announced the dismissal of the barratry case filed against him with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office (Case No. 134513401010).
Rep. Reynolds was charged and never indicted of barratry by a Grand Jury. Barratry is the solicitation for legal services of a potential client by an attorney without the potential client’s permission.
“I want to thank District Attorney Mike Anderson for doing the right thing and dismissing my case,” said Rep. Reynolds. “I said from day one that once the facts came out, justice would prevail and I would be vindicated of all charges. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and supporting me and my family during this challenging time. I never lost faith in God and the Criminal Justice System.”


  1. Lucas Jackson February 28, 2013 1:24 pm 

    They should reinvestigate.

  2. Lucas Jackson March 26, 2013 1:34 pm 

    Raided and indicted again.

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