Many of us know the Beyonce that Houston-area residents are accustomed to seeing: a woman who is talented and considered the ultimate class act in today’s music industry of raunchiness.

But radio listeners were in for a jaw-dropping shock when 97.9 the Box in Houston debuted Beyonce’s latest release on Monday. A song filled with a degrading term to women and Beyonce repeating lyrics in which she refers to herself as “the queen” and that women should bow down to her.

“I think some women are offended by it, but there’s so much that we are offended by and not offended by,” says Terri Thomas, program director at 97.9 the Box. She also says you get two distinct groups of people when it comes to Beyonce’s new song, a song that Thomas does not expect to be a single on Beyonce’s album.

“There are people who either love it because she’s repping ‘H-Town’ and she’s coming out Sasha Fierce all the way and there’s people who are more surprised and shocked, unaccustomed to hearing her use the B-word, for example,” says Thomas.

To hear the lyrics “Bow down b—-” over and over from the woman who preaches empowering women is a bit unsettling to some.

“I just feel like it’s kind of hard to swallow having seen her in a different light for so long,” says Tameka Fletcher, a long-time Beyonce fan.

FOX 26 News visited Natural Resources, a Houston hair salon, and there were plenty of opinions about Houston’s hometown girl, the one who’s made a complete 180 with the release of one song called “Bow Down.”

Then, there are some who say this latest release from Beyonce is a “dis” song to some other artists in the industry or haters in general.

“It’s obvious somebody has teed off the Big B and she wants all the little bees to bow down,” says Michelle Johnson.

Whether it’s a teed off Beyonce or just an artist expressing herself the best way she knows how, Beyonce definitely has Houston-area fans talking.

“I think anytime Beyonce does anything, it causes a frenzy,” says Thomas.

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