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  1. Mike Richards April 3, 2013 12:40 am 

    Yes the site predatorswatch.com is in deed a scam. They blackmail and extort money from innocent victims. They use a person’s image against that person’s will. That is stealing. The site predatorswatch.com also has quite a bit of disturbing pornagraphic images as well, Images showing different peoples genital areas. When you goggle search “predatorswatch.com images” a lot of the images from that website have nude people. Having nude people on a so called mugshot site? This is indeed a scam which proves it. Mugshot sites have people with mugshots in it and not social networking site fashion like images and images of pornagraphic material. This needs to be shut down and stopped and I encourage you Mr. Isiah Carey to push this story as far as you can because innocent people’s lives are being destroyed. You are an elite factor in the media and can change a lot of lives in a positive way by spreading the word that the site predatorswatch.com is a criminal enterprise. I’m glad to see Fox caring about this concern for our well being and I wish many other stations cared as well. I believe if this story gets enough on air time then this website could be put away forever. Thank you Isiah Carey and fox for giving this story some much needed air time and hopefully the feds will seize all data associated with predatorswatch.com and arrest the one’s held responsible for ruining people’s lives. I have even heard stories of this website on forums extorting soldiers in our beloved US Military which I believe is wrong on many levels. Please help to erase this problem that people are having with the website predatorswatch.com
    -Thank You-

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